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R.A. Miller


Books & Publications


R.A.  Miller - Hosing Off the Red Hot Devil
R.A.  Miller - Two Dinosaurs
R.A.  Miller - Chicken Little
R.A.  Miller - Four Fish
R.A.  Miller - Devil Riding Red Rooster
R.A.  Miller - Lady on Pink Rhino
R.A.  Miller - Scorpion anthropod
R.A.  Miller - Devil on Harlequin Dinosaur
R.A.  Miller - Two Black Dinosaurs with Birds
R.A.  Miller - Freedom with fish
R.A.  Miller - BIG Snake
R.A.  Miller - Red Horned Devil with Golden Eyes
R.A.  Miller - Smiling Devil with Gold Teeth
R.A.  Miller - Lord Love You language based art
R.A.  Miller - Double Pitch-Forked Devil with Snakes
R.A.  Miller - Flying Angel with Holy Bible Calvary Dove
R.A.  Miller - White Polka Dotted Rabbit
R.A.  Miller - Three Angels
R.A.  Miller - Red Devil with Pitchfork
R.A.  Miller - Trumpeting Angel with Tree of Life
R.A.  Miller - Red Headed Rooster
R.A.  Miller - Red Devil wearing suit with Pitchfork
R.A.  Miller - Devil with Snake and Bird
R.A.  Miller - Sharks
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An important source for Contemporary American and European Post-War Art; Skot Foreman gallery inventory consists of paintings, works on paper, sculpture, and limited-edition prints by artists such as Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Howard Finster, Tom Wesselmann and Purvis Young (Estate)

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