Ann McCoy

Alchemical Doors for C.A. Meier III (The Golden Child), 1992
Mixed-media on Arches paper
71.50 x 36.50 in (181.61 x 92.71 cm)
Price on Request
Limited-edition: 15 A.P. 4, P.P. 2, B.A.T, T.P. 4 In the permanent collection of MoMA
Hand-signed lower right corner

The Golden Child is not meant as a Christ figure, but is the divine child that exists as a potential in all people. Sometimes this inner light is snuffed out through childhood trauma. We all need to connect with this divine possibility which is part of us all. the child represents possibility.

"The set of lithographs were drawn on metal plates with litho crayon. Each sheet of paper had an archival size applied in the area of the leaf and was then hand leafed. Then each sheet was put through the press and the lithograph was printed on top of the leaf. I did the leafing at my studio. The famous printer Maurice Sanchez who is James Rosenquist's printer did the prints on Rosenquist's press. It was an enormous undertaking which proved very difficult. Maurice had to ink the plates with a leather roller/ they were a considerable challenge due to their size and complex process."