M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

Drawing Hands, 1948
11.12 x 13.12 in (28.24 x 33.32 cm)
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Hand-signed "MC Escher" in pencil lower margin Limited-edition numbered in pencil lower margin Catalogue raisonné: Bool #355 © The M.C. Escher Company B.V. The deception represented by a drawing of a three-dimensional object on a flat piece of paper is central theme in this iconic masterpiece. The hands, which are creating each other, seem to come life and gain a dimension. Following the loop of their action - the right hand draws the left hand and the left hand draws the right - a closed and infinite system of creation comes to light. Escher, by the way, was left -handed. He believed that this preference and his ability to work with both hands was part of what led him to printmaking and not painting.