Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988)

Self Portrait - Portrait of a Collector (with original drawing), 1986
Color offset lithograph, with permanent marker
39.40 x 29.60 in (100.08 x 75.18 cm)
Price on Request
UNIQUE Hand-signed and dated "Basquiat 86" in marker, lower right on recto Foundry/Publisher Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Copenhagen, Denmark Custom frame dimensions: 50" high x 35" wide "Ironically, given his obsession with anatomy, Basquiat deconstructed himself. Perhaps his trademark erasures were his most heartfelt artistic gesture....." © 1998 Phoebe Hoban

This rare color offset lithograph features an original drawing done by Basquiat himself, on the entire bottom quarter of the paper ~ 10 inches high by 30 inches wide. The drawing could be seen as further commentary on the 1986 exhibition title. It was sent by Basquiat to his friend the Swedish art dealer Jan Erik Löwenadler in 1986.
Basquiat’s use of text (words, letters, text boxes) was a crucial element in his work and functioned as key compositional elements in his paintings. Basquiat often referred to his text as “brushstrokes,” indicating that he considered language to be vital on a formal level as well as conceptual.