Peter Max Born 1937

Siblings, 1968
Multicolor offset lithograph
36 x 24 in (91.44 x 60.96 cm)
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With Peter Max vintage capsule logo lower right corner In excellent condition, never before framed. 'Siblings' is one of Peter Max's most captivating collages, constructed from archival photographs and rare end papers, which Max collected from classical Italian books from Venice and Florence. In 1964, Max launched the 'Bettmann Panopticon' art exhibition in New York City, where he and leading art directors created works from the renowned Bettmann Archive of historic, photographic images. Max continued to work with historic photographs during his 'psychedelic surrealism' collage period in the mid-1960s. He added textured paper, fantastical patterns and other elements that he meticulously cut and arranged into fluid, mirrored designs. This historic piece, crafted in warm, sepia tones is a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic vision from this surrealistic period of his work.