Thornton Dial

Thornton Dial

Thornton Dial, a self-taught artist born in Emelle, Alabama, began painting after his retirement. I didn't have no real job, so I made a job making art. After his family laughed at his paintings, he buried them and created many of his works in secrecy.

Dial’s work is more complex and sophisticated than the naive style so often associated with outsider art. Some of his works often incorporate materials such as rugs matted with paint, furniture and sculptural objects. Dial first came into the spotlight after being discovered and promoted by folk art collector Bill Arnett. Now Dial's work is stretching the borders of both folk art and modern art.

Not long ago, Dial was unaware of the formal meaning of art; yet, he recently stated in an interview, "Art ain't about paint. It ain't about canvas. It's about ideas. I have found how to get my ideas out and I won't stop. I got ten thousand left.


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